Instead of bringing incomprehensible jargon to the table, we'll start by introducing the bare basics of our work. Next we'll provide a clear explanation of the video marketing process in six steps. Whether you're taking your first leap into video marketing or preparing your next campaign, clear information always makes for an easier journey.



The Vision

Invite us to brainstorm together in a earliest stage. Before a meeting we come with ideas but we want to hear your own first. We need to understand your business, what you’re about and what kind of project that would be interesting for you to create together with us. Once we know your achievement, we move on to the next stage, the treatment. 
PRO Tip: By already now sharing the long term strategy we can try to fit in some extra shots which later can be used for future purposes.



The Treatmeant

Once we've kicked off the discussion with a creative meeting, we're able to outline a vision for your video/s with a video treatment. This is a document we use to describe the tone of the video/s - don’t underestimate its importance. It can also include a sample of the narrative, and examples of other videos made in a similar style. A well written treatment is a job half done. The treatment if often followed by a transparent budget where you will see in detail what everything costs in the production.



The Pre-Production

Before the shooting day, there’s some preparations to do. Together we draft the perfect script and make sure everybody is on the same page. We will also work out the location, casting, schedules, elephants etc. And everything else that’s needed for the big day.



The Action

The actual shooting of the film happens at this stage. Shooting can involve setting up props, rigging lights and actors being put in their respective banana costumes. Sometimes the shoot is spread out on several days and locations or then it’s all taken place within a day. This depends on the budget and the script. When the shooting is over and all scenes are done the director declares “It's a wrap!" . A wonderful feeling!  It is important to remember that we focus on having fun while working. This translates into a relaxed environment with a smiling crew.



The Post-Production

Directly after the shoot, post production happens. Within a couple of days we will deliver the first rough cut. This is an general assembly to see that we’re heading towards the same vision. The first revision round takes place and you provide comments on the content, use of music, imagery etc, this is is based upon your immediate thoughts. Normally a production takes two-three rounds of commenting until it’s ready and “locked”. When the edit is approved and “locked” we start to make color grading and sound post production.
PRO TipWrite down your ( and your colleagues) first thoughts after watching the video for the first time. Then watch the cuts several times and write down your second thoughts. Now you get a good understanding if the message got through.



The Delivery

Once the project has been finalised, we will deliver the content. We provide files in a wide variety of formats for HD broadcast to internet videos being hosted on sites such as YouTube and Vimeo. We do not charge extra, nor do we claim ownership to the shot material. If you would like to repurpose the raw footage to something, just be in contact!
PRO Tip: Make sure you have it approved by your superiors before entering this stage.

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